Fransen Luyten - Lawyers

About us

The office opened in Antwerp in 1979. In the beginning a single partner and one apprentice dedicated all their time to maritime law. Over the years the crew became more important. New individuals joined the office practising transport law in general, commercial law, insolvency law, ship’s finance, civil law, labour law and penal law.

Although we are a relatively small firm we endeavour to give immediate and around the clock service to clients on a no-nonsense basis. If clients decide to work with us they will find out that in every important case several persons are aware of its evolution and capable of responding whenever needed.

Although we feel comfortable before the Belgian maritime courts (procedures in Belgium – both summary and substantive – have become quicker and more efficient since the change of the Belgian judicial system) we try to achieve out of court settlements through mediation and negotiations.

As far as maritime law is concerned we believe it to be helpful that we work within a circle of less than 15 maritime law firms in Belgium whom we know well both on a professional and a private basis. This is often helpful in resolving matters quickly on reasonable terms even within a legal environment that is antagonistic by nature.

We work on a time basis and every minute spent on a case is accounted for. Our commitment is to act for our clients in a spirit of efficiency and transparency.